OÜ Rakvere RLR is an Estonian company that manufactures light metal constructions. The company has over 20 years of experience in Estonia as well as on foreign markets and has established a good reputation among clients and partners at home and abroad.

We own our success to  individual approach to every customer, excellent relation between quality and prices and  our ability to keep up with innovations in the field. Our products and special orders are sold not only in Estonia but also in the Slovakia, Germany, Turkey, Norway and Finland. Know-how in the field of proccessing metal and international experience are only few reason why OÜ Rakvere RLR is a reliable partner in Estonia and abroad.

OÜ Rakvere RLR concentrates on producing:

  • stairs and handrails;
  • gates and fences out of black metal, stainless steel and aluminium;
  • metal furniture.

With time OÜ Rakvere RLR has become a loyal partner to several companies abroad. At the moment we are representing following companys in Estonia:

  • BTS Aluminium: well-known Tyrkish company that produces aluminium profiles, gates and stairs (www.btsaluminium.com);
  • Umakov: Slovenian company that produces gates, fences and stairs which also offers a big range of glass side doors and walls (www.umakov.sk);
  • Hörmann: one of the biggest manufacturers of gates, doors and frames in Germany and probably in the world (www.hormann.ee)
  • Weicon: known German manufacturer of special adhesives and sealants and other chemical products (www.weicon.de).

OÜ Rakvere RLR is a quickly evolving company that will always find a suitable solution for You putting Your interest and wishes first.

Powder coating

In addition to producing metal constructions OÜ Rakvere RLR has long experience in powder coating.